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AP1It’s a real pleasure for us to introduce you to Augmented Pixels, a ukrainian provider of mobile Augmented Reality solutions. On the occasion of the release of their new application ShowInRoom we asked Daria Gaioshko, Product Marketing Manager,  about the company and its products.

Hello Daria, could you introduce Augmented Pixels ?

Hello Grégory ! Augmented Pixels is one of the leading developers of augmented reality technology for mobile devices. Since 2010 we delivered multiple B2B mobile solutions based on Augmented Reality to run marketing campaigns, in-store promotions and e-commerce. We also created new type of tracking and recognition technology.

Your last product is ShowInRoom, what is it and who are the customers ?

ShowInRoom is a mobile solution for the furniture retailers and manufacturers that is based on augmented reality. It allows to virtually showcase furniture in augmented reality, e.g. preview it in the customer’s interior before the purchase. A customer can actually move the camera in real-time and visualize the furniture from any angle. This creates a sense that the object is real and tangible. Ability to preview furniture catalogs in an interactive mode is a fun experience that also allows users to have a better idea of their house dimensions and furniture size.

You use your own AR technology for ShowInRoom and GlorAR. Why did you choose to make it and not to use another already existing one ?

Right now for a better experience ShowInRoom combines both technology that we’ve created and Qalcomm® Vuforia™, but we plan to shift it to ours as soon as possible. We want to stick to our own development as our company strives for perfection which existing technologies don’t provide. We tried different SDKs from leading companies, but all of them have different quality issues, whether it is tracking issues or other limitations.

Back to the market of ShowInRoom, do you think the retail is THE market to develop AR usage today (and tomorrow) ?

Retail is one of the markets where augmented reality solutions can be the most useful and efficient. Augmented reality provides a way for retailers to let customers “try on” a product before they purchase it, it also helps to extend brand experiences beyond the purchase. I think many people know the movie “Minority Report” and the personalized deals Tom Cruise saw when entered a mall. Things like this are not so far ahead with augmented reality.

Our traditional question now as you are deeply involved in AR, what will AR in 2030 for you ?

I believe that by 2030 augmented reality will completely change the world. When information is so important being able to get it instantly will be crucial. Smart glasses or maybe some kind of other devices will enable people to navigate through different tasks faster and efortlessly.

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Grégory MAUBON est consultant indépendant en réalité augmentée (animateur et conférencier) depuis 2008, où il a créé et fondé en 2010 RA'pro (l'association francophone de promotion de la réalité augmentée). Il a aidé de nombreuses entreprises (dans plusieurs domaines) à définir précisément leurs besoins en réalité augmentée et les a accompagnées dans la mise en œuvre.

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