Demande De Prestataire Pour Formation Et Accompagnement (Egypte / Anglais)

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    Grégory Maubon
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    Suite à une intervention à l’ AM/FM-GIS BELUX nous avons une demande provenant d’une nouvelle entreprise égyptienne qui va travailler sur 3 chantiers de RA au Moyen-Orient. La demande porte d’abord sur la formation de l’équipe de l’entreprise (en anglais) et ensuite, si tout se passe bien, sur l’accompagnement de la réalisation des projets.
    Les parties demandés en formation sont les suivantes.

    What is the best AR Software Development Kit (SDK) that support the

    • Support all types of AR (Marker-Based, Markerless-Based, Superimposition-Based).
    • Support Displaying 3D Infrastructure Utilities objects such as (pipelines, electric land lines, …) under and above ground.
    • Support building apps for mobile OS (Android, IOS, Windows Phone).
    • Support Import / View multiple 3D objects in a single AR scene and view the surrounding 3D objects (labels, buildings, …) and interact with
    • them to update the 3D AR design attributes.
    • Support Import / View animated 3D objects.
    • Support import the most common 3D formats (Obj, Dae, gITF, …).
    • Support a large camera range distance and Filed-of-View (FOV).
    • Support integration with the most GIS Application (ESRI, QGIS, …)
    • Support connecting with spatial databases (Postgres, Oracle, …)
    Other questions:
    • What are the SDK limitations?
    • How to Synchronize with server-side database to (Add, Update, Delete) related attributes to the 3D models.
    • How to project a 3D model such as (House) on the real world with AR.
    So they can send the training material and then they came to Egypt for on job training. If they can arrange remote training for theoretical part it is also accept.
    Vous pouvez contacter directement RA’pro (ra_pro _AT_ pour être mis en contact, en fournissant si possible des références.


    Dear ,
    Plumbing 4.0 is a startup in Valenciennes( France).The Holding is Generale Thermique ,firm in the construction, Bathroom Luxury and Domotic solutions
    We create and develop solutions gamified training in augmented reality.
    We work with the instructors and write together a new learning support.

    We work with Unity and Bim to the architectural projet.

    This offer look well.We need more informations/lights about yours needs
    -Training for the SDK/Training with AR???

    Thanks for yours answers

    Caroline and team

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