LV15 Investment Forum : Introduction of Mindesk by Gabriele Sorrento

Gabriele Sorrento CEO & Co-Founder introduces Mindesk based in Bari, Apulia (Italy).

Logo MindeskWhat are your company’s skills?

Mindesk is a heterogeneous team composed of eight enthusiastic  fellows including an Architectural Engineer (that’s me), four software engineers, an electronic engineer,  a investor relationship manager (former Google employee) and a patent specialist. Furthermore, we are supported by a strong advisory board featuring experts from either academic and industrial world.
Our work is currently focused on product design, UI + UX experience design and building relationship with customers.

Tell us about one of your the emblematic accomplishments?

Crédit : Mindesk

Crédit : Mindesk

Last September Mindesk has been awarded as best ICT business idea among other 56  competitors in « Start Cup Puglia 2014 » competition. However, people’s smile while trying our prototype is what most rewards us!

What is your next stage of your development?

We firmly believe that a good product comes from ideas validation. We are working hard to gather customer’s feedback. By next summer we plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign.

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