AWE Europe à Berlin les 18 et 19 octobre

Nous sommes très heureux de soutenir la première édition de AWE Europe qui se tiendra à Berlin les 18 et 19 octobre prochain. Les organisateurs attendent plus de 1500 personnes venant rencontrer 50 exposants et 50 speakers. Si vous voulez y participer, regardez notre proposition à la fin de l’article. Nous avons posé quelques questions à Ori Inbar (CEO pour en savoir plus sur cet événement.

oriinbarHello Ori, the first edition of Augmented World Expo Europe will begin in Berlin in october, could you present it in few words ?

For the past 7 years, AWE US has been a gathering spot for the AR+VR ecosystem from around the world to help corporations find new technologies and solutions, bring together startups and investors, and enable strategic partnerships in the growing industry. With a strong wave of innovation in this industry all around the world the demand to bring it to Europe is finally addressed this year at the first AWE EU in Berlin on Oct 18-19 : 1500 AR+VR professionals are expected to attend the 2 day event with 50 exhibitors and 70 speakers from leading companies covering AR+VR use cases in enterprise, automotive, ecommerce, education, gaming, cities and real estate, Healthcare, marketing etc.

The program will also include a track dedicated to developers introducing the latest tools and SKDs and will feature panels on the market opportunity, challenges facing adoption, and leading smartglasses vendors will lay down their roadmaps. We expect this to be Europe’s biggest stage for innovation in AR and VR.

awe2014You well know the AR landscape in the world, do you think Europe is a particular place for this technology ?

The European AR+VR market is similar to the US market in terms of the industries adopting it and the level of interest among professionals. The key difference is in how deep the adoption rooted among industrial companies and especially in the automotive space. With most automotive players in Europe participating in the event we expect it to take a central spot. We have also noticed a strong interest in AR for heritage and museums projects which surpasses the level of activity in the US. The European market tends to be more practical in nature and the AR industry shift from gimmicky applications to productive deployments is lending itself well to growing interest and massive adoption in the European countries.

AWE began in 2013, in USA. Now you organise events in Europe and in China. It is a clear sign for you of the spread of AR in any domains of our everyday life ? Is this going to continue or even accelerate ?

awe_europeThe first AWE (called ARE) actually took place in 2010 in the US and with the industry growth it has spread to other continents driven by accelerated activity by startups, investors, and adoption by users in various countries around the world. We are seeing strong adoption in US and Europe by enterprises who are using it to improve productivity, accuracy, and safety of their businesses.

In China the highest adoption growth is currently with consumers but we expect it to shift to industrial apps as well. That is overshadowed by casual AR use by hundreds of millions in games such as Pokemon Go and apps such as Snapchat who are introducing AR to the masses without even calling it as such.

Beyond that we are seeing AR being adopted on mobile devices for e-commerce to help visualize products before buying them, as a mean for collaborative design in real estate, healthcare, training and education, sports and many other aspects of life and work. Based on the number of new startups emerging every day, the growing number of investments and acquisitions ($2.3B invested in the past 12 months), the spread of AR and VR is accelerating will reach a boiling point next year. Corporations, startups and investors have a small window opportunity to figure out their strategy in this space. If they don’t jump in in the next 3-9 months and take a lead position they may need to play catch up.

Un grand merci Ori pour cette présentation rapide et rendez-vous les 18 et 19 octobre à Berlin !

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