Rencontre avec Artivive, l’application au service des artistes et de leurs mondes

C’est avec un grand plaisir que je vous invite aujourd’hui à découvrir le travail d’Artivive. Cette application est au service des artistes pour leur permettre d’augmenter facilement leurs oeuvres.

Hello Codin, thanks for your time. Could you present yourself and explain to us the beginning of Artivive?

Joachim Ringsmuth/Sergiu Ardelean/Carina Doppler/Codin Popescu/ (from left to right) - Team Artivive © Artivive
Joachim Ringsmuth/Sergiu Ardelean/Carina Doppler/Codin Popescu/ (from left to right) – Team Artivive © Artivive

My name is Codin Popescu and together with Sergiu Ardelean, we founded Artivive, the augmented reality platform for artists and art in 2017. The idea for Artivive came about after the trip around the world by my co-founder Sergiu. He is a passionate photographer. Sergiu spent years working for an augmented reality advertising agency and saw the sector evolve. After his trip, he organized a small exhibition to present his pictures, instead of having a slideshow with all his friends. One of his friends asked him: « ok, where do I download the app? You work with augmented reality all the time, there has to be something behind it.  » He then came to me and everything started!

Artivive was born out of the idea to provide artists and creatives easy access to augmented reality, giving to their viewers the opportunity to learn additional information and access the narrative development of a static artwork. Our aim has been since the beginning digitally revolutionizing the art market and changing the way art is experienced.

Why did you choose to focus your application on arts and artists? How they use Artivive and what kind of reactions they see from their own users?

In contrast to advertising, creative content fits perfectly augmented reality. To create art in augmented reality artists previously had to build their own isolated solutions, which required technical skills and resources, but now with Artivive, those artists can focus on their creative work. With our tool, artists can create art in AR by easily link digital content to a physical artwork. Artists can take visitors on a journey in time, they explain what lies behind, can enhance their analog art with illustrations or show how the artworks were made.

Group Exhibition "Translation of Complexity" with Litto's artworks at the Artivive artspace in Vienna – 2018 © Artivive
Group Exhibition « Translation of Complexity » with Litto’s artworks at the Artivive artspace in Vienna – 2018 © Artivive

Museums, galleries and other institutions use Artivive to offer a new and innovative way for the audience to interact with the exhibition. Visitors can now navigate multi-sensory personalized experiences on their own mobile devices. Surprise, interest, and enthusiasm are their most common reaction of visitors when they first experience AR artworks. Augmented reality is able to even get younger generations involved who might have reservations about art, meeting them exactly where they spend most of their time – on their smartphone.

Could you explain to us the technology you use and the economic model of your application?

Artivive is an affordable and easy to use augmented reality solution for artists to create, museums to expand, venues to impress and viewers to be star struck. It consists of the Artivive App, our free visualization component and Bridge by Artivive, the creational tool.

Artivive/Shanghai Himalayas Museum "Miracle: The Bellini Family and the Renaissance" (print) © Artivive
Artivive/Shanghai Himalayas Museum « Miracle: The Bellini Family and the Renaissance » (print) © Artivive

We offer different account types for the different needs of our users. They can register directly on our website

Student accounts are free for professors and students and are for educational and experimental purposes only. Artists accounts are for creatives and artists and limited to their own work starting with three free projects to experiment. Additional projects can be bought and can be used commercially for direct sale of their own artistic work. For now, our main revenue stream are the business accounts for cultural institutions, museums, galleries, agencies and brands, where we offer tailored solutions.

How do imagine the uses of AR for artists are going to evolve? Is the smartphone the right tool to use? Could it be an inspiration for other domains?

I think technology is and will be a big part of our lives and will slowly find its way into the creation process as well as the reception of art. Smartphones and tablets are the most common objects of our digital life, their use as tools to experience art brings the artworks in the viewer’s hands, building a more personal relationship with them. Instead of his passive attitude, the viewer is tempted to discover more, is more involved and inspired.

And for Artivive, what are the next steps?

Artivive/Albertina Museum "Film Stills" © Artivive
Artivive/Albertina Museum « Film Stills » © Artivive

We are looking forward to an exciting 2019 and want to continue to establish augmented reality in the art world, in the museum and in the creative area together with artists. We will keep building a constant dialog with our community in order to gradually extend and adapt the features of our tool to their specific needs. We will continue creating a community around this new art form. I believe that nowadays it is very important for companies to bring value and make our world a better place and I think that art is a very powerful tool that enables people from all around the world to connect and express themselves.

Many thanks Codin for your time !

If you want to know more about Artivive, go to the website and test it!

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