XR Access

Heure: 17 juin 2020 à 15 h 00 min

Nom de la structure – Structure name: XR Access

Adresse du siège – Address of the head office: New York, USA

Date de Création – Creation Date: 2019

Le groupe a-t-il une forme légale ? Does the group have a legal form?: Non / no

Site internet – Website: https://xraccess.org/

E-mail de contact – Contact email: info@xraccess.org

Objectifs et Description – Objectives and Description: The XR Access Initiative is led by the Connected Experiences Lab at Cornell Tech and by Verizon Media. The Initiative is dedicated to promoting a safe and inclusive community for its participants.

XR Access is a community with more than 140 cross-sector participants committed to addressing the unique accessibility challenges posed by XR and advancing a shared vision for a future where new technology is born accessible for people with disabilities.

Technologies d’intérêt – Technologies of interest: XR (Extented Reality) => AR + VR + MR

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