mARgot launches a fundraising campaign !

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Do you know mARGot ? It’s a really clever projet from an italian team. Basically, it’s an augmented reality mailing system. You can, for example, easily send a 3D object to your contact, and localize it precisely on a map. It’s then possible to send a virtual Ferrary to your brother, he will see the car just in front of his door ! Of course, as a classical augmented reality apps, he will be able to turn around it. mARgot lets you use 2D pictures too.

This application is not fully developped. It’s why the team launch a fundraising campain on indiegogo. You can help them easily, just send some cash !

Look at this presentation :

and the team :

  • Pietro Carratu: Project Planner, Coffee Maker
  • Vanda Pelling: Graphic Designer, Speaker, Screenwriter, Creative
  • Gianluca Punzi: SEO expert, Social Marketer
  • Giovanni Basile: Software Analyst and Programmer

mARGot Staff

Grégory Maubon (722 Posts)

Grégory MAUBON est responsable des données au sein de HCS Pharma, startup biotech spécialisée dans le high content screening et les pathologies complexes. Il est également Tech Evangelist en Réalité Augmentée depuis 2008, où il a crée le site et a co-fondé en 2010, RA'pro l'association de promotion de la réalité augmentée. =>

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