Do you know FIcontent and its AR part ?

The European projects could be really complex to understand if you are not in. We propose you to discover the FIcontent project and specially its AR part with Hugo Vivier.

Hello Hugo, FIcontent is a very large European project, a part of the future Internet Public Private Partnership (FI-PPP) programme. Could you explain us main objectives, timing, etc. ?

Hugo VivierThe Future Internet Public Private Partnership (FI-PPP) has been launched in 2011 in the context of the European Union’s FP7 research funding programme. Its overall goal is to advance Europe’s competitiveness in Future Internet technologies and support the emergence of Future Internet enhanced applications of public and social relevance. The platform technologies developed within FI-PPP are aimed to be used by many actors by 2020, in particular small and medium-sized companies and public administrations.

FIcontent is one of the FI-PPP projects, which aims at developing three open platforms, to give developers and SMEs access to cutting-edge technology in the fields of Social Connected TV, Smart City Services, and Pervasive Games.


You have many partners. How and why these companies decided to work together?

At the start of the project in 2013, the consortium gathered 18 partners. These European and global companies and research centers decided to join their skills with the vision of driving media and content innovation in Europe. They submitted a proposal for a call from the European commission and were selected.


The FIcontent consortium has very recently welcomed new SMEs and public organizations thanks to an open call launched within the project in 2013 (closed in early 2014), to be finally composed of 25 partners.

In the “pervasive games” part of this program you work on augmented reality enablers to facilitate the mix of real life and Internet experiences. What are these enablers? What are their objectives? And their expectations?

HybridearthTo date, we have released around ten enablers in the Pervasive Games platform, and more will come. These enablers are pieces of software that anybody can use to develop AR or other 3D applications. They are accessible on the Pervasive games platform webpage. Each enabler comes with technical and licensing information: terms & conditions, requirements, documentation, contact… For instance, the enablers of the Augmented Reality group provide various tracking methods to retrieve the relative camera pose information. We expect and invite as many developers as possible to build applications on top of this technology.

These enablers and other productions of this program are open to any SME in Europe? How companies can join you?

Augmented ResistanceYes, this technology is accessible to everyone: SMEs and developers. All the information is available on the FIcontent open platforms page. The best way to interact with us is to join FIcontent on your favorite social networks, and to meet us at the various events we organize and participate in. It is unfortunately too late for SMEs to integrate the FI-CONTENT 2 consortium as our open call closed on January 8th 2014, but partnerships and business opportunities go beyond the borders of the project…

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