[ComPres] Women in Immersive Technologies Europe (WiiT) turns into a non-profit and launches a new website

Women in Immersive Technologies Europe (WiiT) a new pan-European non-profit that aims to inspire women in XR to connect, organise and advance the immersive tech industry was officially launched today.

Turning into a non-profit will allow WiiT to bring corporate partners and other non-profits into the project, provide better and more services to the community. Also to become the front door to other women not yet familiar with immersive technologies. The goal of WiiT is to combat gender inequality in the immersive technologies sector by creating one inclusive network of talented women from all over Europe and provide them with the resources to succeed in the industry. The new website that launches today contains learning resources for women in immersive technologies, as well as a directory of over 200 European women speakers in an aim to improve the diversity of XR conferences and events. WiiT also curates an event calendar of upcoming XR events.

Communiqué de presse disponible sur https://medium.com/@WiiT_Europe/wiit-accelerates-and-becomes-a-non-profit-508926303a67

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