[job] Lecturer/ Senior Lecturer in Computer Games, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality à l’université de Berby (UK)

You will actively engage in research and knowledge exchange which influences leading edge practice, informs and inspires the research-led curriculum and teaching and contributes to continuing subject expertise and contribution to the REF. The role holder is expected to build on their potential to acquire external funding, engage with industry and create high quality publications of international standing. The role holder will develop and deliver an innovative and flexible range of learning and teaching materials providing high quality, accessible learning opportunities and an exceptional student experience in line with the University’s strategic objectives, ensuring that employability and ‘real-world’ learning are at the heart of the curriculum. While candidates might be required to contribute to teaching in the discipline area in general this role has a specific emphasis for both teaching and research on the area of computer games development and programming including the use of Augmented Reality /Virtual Reality technologies.

Information on https://jobs.derby.ac.uk/Vacancy.aspx?ref=0113-20

Consultant réalité augmentée à GMC | Site Web

Grégory MAUBON est consultant indépendant en réalité augmentée (animateur et conférencier) depuis 2008, où il a créé www.augmented-reality.fr et fondé en 2010 RA'pro (l'association francophone de promotion de la réalité augmentée). Il a aidé de nombreuses entreprises (dans plusieurs domaines) à définir précisément leurs besoins en réalité augmentée et les a accompagnées dans la mise en œuvre.

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