A view of the AR use market in India by Roshan Chourasia #ARSI2013

ARSI2013As you know, RA’pro is partner of Augmented Reality Summit India 2013 in Mumbai, because we  are extremely interested by the Indian AR market. To better known AR use possibilities in India, we asked the ARSI2103 conference producer, Mr.Roshan Chourasia, to share his view of this market.

Could you briefly introduce yourself and your organisation?

Mr.Roshan Chourasia MBA, Conference Producer at Yoogma Business Services, LLP. (also known as YBS Global). My interests lies in Digital Media.

We are majorly into research & consulting. As part of our deliverables to the industry, we conduct lot of B2B Events & Forums. We do an extensive research about various industry verticals in India & work very closely with the senior professionals from the Corporates who are responsible for the operations, new project / services implementation & execution in their particular domains & try to analyze what are the key issues they are facing in their day to day work. Based on their feedback, we organize Conferences through which we assure them to bring the best possible solution providers & consultants on board who can help them in resolving these issues that have been raised.

 Are there AR companies present in India ?

Yes there only a few AR Companies in India. But looking at the demand, there is lot of opportunity for international AR companies to expand their wings in India.

 In your minds, what are the AR market possibilities in India ?

We do events on a particular subject only if there is inclination of the Indian market towards it. Earlier when I had done research on Augmented Reality, people were not sure about implementing it in their businesses. Back then, they had started understanding the importance of Augmented Reality, but they were not ready to take steps in that direction. This time when I did research, I found that they had better approach towards this subject. They are finally ready to implement Augmented Reality as part of their business strategy and are keen to explore the options available in the market. Many Indian companies have already implemented AR as a part of marketing, naming a few Mahindra & Mahindra, Godrej Interio, Shopper’s Stop, Swarovski India, Parle Agro, McDonalds India etc. Also AR was used in promotion of Bollywood movies like “Ferrari Ki Sawari” at movie theater.

Our aim is make the corporate understand that AR is not just a “Marketing Gimmick” it can be used to various other operational purposes. For Eg – Engineering, Medical etc.

Could you present AR Summit India 2013 and explain benefits of attending (especially business opportunities) ?

We are coming up with the “Augmented Reality Summit 2013”  scheduled on 14th and 15th February, 2013 – Mumbai, India. This Summit will be a platform for people looking for & people providing solutions for Augmented Reality. We are inviting Senior Decision Makers from Corporates (Cross Verticals) & academicians in this domain from cross borders.

  • Only at the Augmented Reality Summit will the highest-level decision makers be attending in one place at one time. They will evaluate products and services and will be looking to short-list new technologies and services
  • Do you have a product or service that our senior decision-makers and influencers need?

Take advantage of this excellent opportunity to:

  • Position yourself as a thought leader in the industry
  • Deliver a product presentation in the networking area
  • Showcase your products and services in the exhibition area
  • Distribute your literature in the delegate kit
  • Brand your company on our conference materials

We have a range of business development and marketing and sales solutions that will be tailored to specifically deliver on your business objectives.

For More Details : www.arsummit.in

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