Carlton D’Silva, CCO at Hungama, about use of AR and the Indian market

Carlton D’SilvaOur last guest in this blog related to Augmented Reality Summit India 2013 is Carlton D’Silva, chief creative officer at Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd (Mumbay, India). He will present case studies during summit, but today, we want to ask him about use of AR and the Indian market.

Could you present yourself and your society Hungama in few words ?

Hungama Digital Services (HDS) is a WPP group company that specialises in Digital and Experiential Marketing. In the 16 years of being in the digital space we have worked with over 300 brands and have executed over 1500 digital campaigns. The key strength of HDS is the ability to execute a campaign both in the online as well as offline world. The amalgamation of both the experiential and digital teams enable us to give a seamless though and flow to any brand campaign. HDS is also one of the few companies in India that can create applications across devices (including WebTV) which give us that technology edge over our competitors.

Why are you interested in augmented reality ? How Hungama use it ?

HungamaAugmented Reality to me is a means (a rather beautiful one) to an end. It bridges the gap between online and offline communication. On the promotion side you can use AR to communicate with the consumers on ground and amplify the same communication on video or have the consumer interact with the brand like no other medium can deliver and on the information side you can have realtime information deployed precisely either through location or through a marker. Hungama uses AR as an integral part of its 360 degree campaigns and if there is a good opportunity to use AR to enhance the brand experience, we recommend the same as part of the campaign.

How do you see the AR indian market ? What kind of use ? Are there AR spécialists ?

AR started off really slow due to the cost of development and hence we are a bit behind as compared to other markets. However, after a few brands tasting success though AR in their campaigns it has become the marketing tool to have. In India, a lot of Live Augmented Reality is used to promote products and programmes. Information based AR is also on the rise, bringing alive print advertising through the technology. There are just a handful of AR specialist in the country but I do believe with the rise in the popularity of AR there will be a lot of specialist that will enter the market.

How do you personally imagine future use of this technology ?

I believe the next stage in AR would be interactive AR and with Google investing in this technology we will soon have our vision of the world with a layer of AR. Social AR is also a thing to look out for, Dynamic Augmented Reality changing based on your social life. For example, you will have the ability to choose a restaurant based on your friends preferences and also be able to check if your friends have been to a restaurant and instantly ask them for a review before entering the same.

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