HiMirror, un miroir intelligent en démonstration à l’IFA et bientôt en France !

Si vous avez suivi le CES 2017 vous avez certainement remarqué le HiMirror, ce miroir intelligent qui a été primé par un « Best Choice Award » dans la catégorie « Smart Home ». Même si pour le moment ce miroir n’utilise pas vraiment de la réalité augmentée, nous sommes allés posé quelques questions à son sujet, profitant de la présence de l’équipe à l’ IFA 2017 qui commence ce vendredi à Berlin. En effet, cet appareil est un élément de plus dans la digitalisation du monde de la beauté, un secteur qui nous intéresse comme vous le savez ! 🙂

Hello, could you briefly present yourself and the HiMirror ?

Cin-Yee Ho

I’m Cin-Yee Ho, Marketing & PR Manager Europe for XYZprinting and HiMirror which are very interesting brands of Taiwanese tech-manufacturer, New Kinpo Group.

In a few words, HiMirror is your personal beauty and health consultant. It is a highly accurate, professional & multifunctional IoT connected device in beauty & Body technology. This groundbreaking product relies on two main functions, “Skin analysis & body type analysis”. For skin analysis, it provides skin condition measurement, and delivers excellent, standardized image capture and analysis result for wrinkles, fine lines, red spots, dark spots, dark circles, pores and complexion. And from analysis reports, the HiMirror will follow different skin conditions to create a custom-built skincare routine. Besides, historical comparison allows you to see your progress and also helps you to understand the changes in your skin’s condition through the use of different products.

Considering the body type analysis function, it works with Smart Body Scale. After body measurement, HiMirror will provide user body type analysis information and body configuration results, the body configuration results will tell the weight, body fat percentage, body mass index(BMI), basal metabolic rate(BMR), total body water, muscle mass & bone weight. This device provides also exercises and tips in order to be in shape.

Moreover, we also provide the HiMirror app, the app can be synchronized with your HiMirror. Make you beautiful anytime, anywhere!

When do you plan to launch it in France, how will it be distributed ?

HiMirror will be available in France in November. The HiMirror Classic will be available initially directly on our e-shop. The pre-orders will start in October. We are currently working on several others distribution networks that will soon be a part of HiMirror journey.

Can we access to a store from the HiMirror and directly buy skin products from it?

The HiMirror will launch soon in Europe in November. As soon as we have developed a more solid sales channel, more beauty etailers would be interested in partnerships since internet purchases of beauty products are significant. The HiMirror is connected to the internet and is featured with applications like streaming of youtube videos, connected to Spotify and many more features will follow through automatic updates by time. Purchasing beauty products are absolutely scheduled in our roadmap.

We see more and more digital devices in the beauty domain. Do you think it is mandatory now for beauty professionals to offer digital solutions (both softwares and hardwares) to their customers ?

In an increasingly digital and connected world, it is normal that the beauty sector is also affected by this phenomenon. Our clients search each day for offers or services that spare them time. That’s why we designed HiMirror. The aim is that our customers feel beautiful and that they have adapted products without bothering with complex and heavy research. Considering the wide diversity of beauty cosmetics available on the market nowadays, finding the most suitable one can be quite tricky. In that sense HiMirror provides the personal and custom-fit advices that you need. So, using digital devices in the beauty domain should be a trustworthy solution for those who seek for personalize beauty routine and guidance. Thus, taking care of yourself could be something that requires privacy. And what is more intimate than your own house?

Do you think these solutions could be use in beauty shops ? HiMirror is mainly designed for home use but is it also use in retail ?

Yes, it is true, HiMirror is already used in beauty shops to help clients find the care that will exactly match their own skin problem. After a thorough analysis of the skin, the sales promoters will have a much more complete view of the needs of her client and her product proposals will be even more accurate. For instance, on the American market we already try this experience in some Sephora and it was a true success. Nevertheless, because beauty and skincare require privacy and intimacy I think that HiMirror is first of an ally in your daily life. The advantage with HiMirror is that it provides a personal consultant in the calm and the coziness of your own home and not inside a crowded shop.

You will be present at IFA this year, what are you going to show ? Do you plan new innovations for the HiMirror ?

Europe had not yet the chance to know HiMirror. We have already improved the product in the United States because it has already been marketed for almost a year. We will introduce at IFA full range of our products: HiMirror Classic, HiMirror Plus+, HiSkin and Smart Body Scale with developments included. Basically IFA will be the date of birth of HiMirror in Europe and we are all very excited about it. The whole HiMirror range will be there as a reflection of what can be made when beauty and technology join their forces. So, this year edition of IFA is more an introduction for HiMirror; an opportunity to be a part of the European heart of IT.

Un grand merci Cin-Yee Ho pour le temps consacrée à cette interview ! Si vous voulez en savoir plus rendez-vous à l’ IFA sur le stand 102 du hall 13.

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