[job] Doctoral Candidate Or Postdoctoral Researcher For Perceptual Audio Quality Of Virtual And Augmented Reality And Hear-Through Devices at Aalto University (Finland)

The Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics is seeking an outstanding doctoral candidate for research in perceptual audio quality of virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR/XR) applications. The doctoral candidate position is available in the communication acoustics research group of Prof. Ville Pulkki. Applicants interested in other research topics related to communication acoustics, VR/AR/XR applications, and spatial audio are also welcome to apply.

Informations sur https://academicpositions.com/ad/aalto-university/2020/doctoral-candidate-or-postdoctoral-researcher-for-perceptual-audio-quality-of-virtual-and-augmented-reality-and-hear-through-devices/139431

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