[job] Software Engineer Backend chea Snap (Los Angeles, California)

What you’ll do:

  • Collaborate with design, product, and engineering teams to bring product ideas to life
  • Build infrastructure that powers the world’s best augmented reality platform
  • Own and drive high-level features from planning through implementation, be involved in all stages of the software development lifecycle, and solve complex technical challenges
  • Design, architect and implement well-tested software which powers experiences for Snap’s augmented reality platform
  • Work across teams to understand product requirements, evaluate trade-offs, and deliver the solutions needed to build innovative products
  • Build robust, lasting, and scalable products

Information sur https://snap.dejobs.org/los-angeles-ca/software-engineer-backend/B0C2340B6C9D491BBCA4DEB14A75D81C/job/?vs=105

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