AWE Europe : Interview d’Ori Inbar

Ori Inbar, Fondateur d’AWE et Co-Fondateur de Superventure

La 4ème édition de l’AWE Europe aura lieu le 17 et 18 Octobre prochain à Munich. C’est dans ce contexte que RA’pro a échangé avec son fondateur, Ori Inbar. Je vous laisse découvrir cette interview en anglais et vous invite à laisser des commentaires.

RA Pro : The next AWE Europe edition is starting on October 17th 2019, for 2 full days. What will differentiate this new edition from the previous ones? 

Ori Inbar : The AR and VR industry is heating up in 2019 and that will be reflected at AWE EU this October: products are more mature, customers are adopting it in larger numbers and showing significant ROI, and with a plethora of great developer tools – a vast number of creators are developing new experiences for AR and VR. In addition, new topics such as 

This year, I see that you introduced 2 workshops sessions, can you tell us more about these sessions?

Spatial Computing Workshop:

With the tech giants investing billions in AR and VR, there is a need for bringing the industry together to discuss how the various layers of the Spatial Computing stack will interface which each other. The challenge of spatial computing requires new approaches and disruption to communications, networks, and the internet. We must get out in front of this convergence to drive action, educate, and recruit members of industry to get on board and build the systems and standards to make these new experiences a reality. This all-day workshop (a follow up to a similar workshop in AWE USA last May) will bring together stakeholders from network, device and experience to illuminate and kickoff an ongoing conversation about the roadmap and outcomes needed to make spatial computing our reality.

A second workshop will be lead by the Open AR Cloud (OARC) and highlight the need for openness and interoperability in the future of the AR Cloud.

At this important, full-day event, OARC will present the updates of their work and celebrate its 1 year anniversary. Leading AR Cloud technology providers will showcase and demonstrate their latest breakthroughs. Following the Symposium and Showcase, all registered attendees are invited to join their colleagues for an evening of refreshments and fun.

See more at:

RA Pro : You are, with your teams, organizing major events about AR, all over the world. From your point of view, could you please tell us what differentiates the American to the asian to the European markets ?

OI : There are many common themes threaded through AWE events in the various geographies such as the growing maturity of the industry and the fact Spatial Computing is becoming essential to every company. The differences are driven by the cultural differences so for example, the American market leans more towards the vision for the industry, while the European market tends to be more practical in nature. The event in Asia is focused on connecting the east and west.

RA Pro: You defined the concept of the AR Cloud in 2017. This year, we saw that the AR Cloud made its appearance on the 2019 version of the Hype Cycle by Gartner. Could you tell us more about the presence of ARcloud topics in this new edition of AWE Europe?

OI : The AR Cloud is now an integral part of almost any discussion about AR, whether it’s about how the big players are adopting it, innovation by young startups, initial implementations of useful applications for business or entertainment, and of course the concerns around privacy and security. The Open AR Cloud workshop mentioned above is an intense full day focused on the AR Cloud progress.

Jean-Francois Kitchiguine is a spatial computing consultant and speaker since 2010. He builds tailor made conferences and helps clients to understand the challenges of spatial computing linked to their industry. Thanks to his dual IT and Business skills, he leads spatial computing projects, from the POC to the industrialization phase. Jean-Francois Kitchiguine sits on the board of RA Pro and is a founding member of the Open AR Cloud Association.

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